06 September, 2010


PM Duck (left) and Tony Rabbit (right) - CNN World News
   I should probably be paying more attention to Australian politics -- I no longer know who is running the country. Last I heard it was dependent on three random fucks who aren't part of the two leading parties, the ALP (Australian Labour Party) or the Liberal Democrats, led by Prime Minister Gillard and Tony Abbott (as pictured above respectively).

   Frankly, both are retarded. Labour wants the NBN, National Broadband Network, to go ahead. Conservatives wanting billions of dollars of spending? wut. The Lib Dems., on the other hand, do not want the network. What they both do want, however, is an internet filter. Fuck. That. Shit. I want my 4chan.

  To be honest, I want neither to win, but I dislike the Labour's use of spending in other sectors (read: shitty schooling plans that never work) whilst I would enjoy cable NBN framework in my area. Lib Dems. wouldn't support that, but they know how the infrastructure would benefit from their expenditure. That being said, the ALP would probably just end up laying some shitty cable networks to the middle of fucking nowhere with only 10 Mbps capabilities. Melbourne is the only city in Australia to currently supply cable to over 70% of it's residents. Did I mention they can get 100 Mbps cable down there? Yeah, they can. Sydney has <10% cable access by area, and then it's only 20 Mbps. Why doesn't the wealthiest and most populated city in the country have better internet infrastructure? This is Australian logic right here.

Or rather, a lack thereof.

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